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Is this service for you? 


I am best able to help if you:

  • Are 18 and over
  • Are struggling with mood, energy, focus, or direction
  • Are sometimes hard on yourself  
  • May have experienced major trauma, bad experiences, or childhood difficulties that are hard to move on from
  • May have PTSD, an Anxiety Disorder,  Depression or Burnout 
  • Are interested in trying EFT tapping but want to ensure this is with a qualified mental health professional with experience and training in treating trauma 
  • Want to believe that happiness is not only possible, but worth seeking through healing emotional wounds & building a rich & full life 
  • Are ready & committed to implementing strategies & creating change in your life
  • Are willing to be invested in your wellbeing in terms of time, energy & resources.

This service is NOT suited to: 

  • People who require urgent, intensive, or crisis support 
  • Help with managing risks to ones' own safety, or the safety of others
  • Those who are currently experiencing significant legal or financial difficulties
  • Those who require assistance navigating the hospital, police or child protection systems before being able to engage fully in therapy. 

Please see the Resources Page if you require more intensive support options. 

Coffs Harbour Sawtell


Simplify your recovery journey

with professional support

to learn and integrate 

proven psychological strategies

into your daily life.