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The Nervous

System Reset:

A Deep Relaxation

 Training Program

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Stressed young woman needing to learn how to relax

Tired but wired?

Feel like your nervous system is in overdrive, making you feel exhausted, but still struggling to sleep?

Going into fight/flight/freeze frequently and struggling to reset back to feeling calm & in control?

Hard to concentrate and move forward with the things you want to do in your life?

Feel like you are burnt out, or that past trauma is holding you back?

Your body needs to re-learn how to rest. 





It’s Time To Re-learn To Relax,       

Deeply & Fully 


With The Nervous System Reset, specifically designed to retrain your body to switch out of fight/flight/freeze and into a deeply restful state.  


The Nervous

System Reset

This program is designed to help you access a state of deep relaxation, and re-train your body and mind to be able to relax fully and deeply.  Effective for chronic or post-traumatic stress, pain, as well as signs of burnout or exhaustion.

So that you can increase your capacity and resilience, and find a sense of calm, safety and connection, no matter what you have going on.  



Are you finding it hard to switch off, sleep well, & feel connected and motivated in your life? 

Know you need to find a way of slowing down & chilling out, but struggling to commit the time & energy it takes to work on your own wellbeing? 

If so, this course will help you calm your body and mind, get out of fight/ flight/ freeze, & re-learn how to rest, deeply & fully, so that you are able to repair mental, physical and emotional changes from chronic stress, traumatic or difficult experiences or pain. 

Helping you to move towards increased peace and joy in daily life. 

Person lying in Savasana relaxing and meditating skills self care

Jill is a Psychologist & registered Meditation Teacher with The Meditation Association of Australia. She has been learning, practicing & teaching meditation for over ten years. She is trained in meditation-based therapies including Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, & Compassion Focussed Therapy. In addition to her qualifications as a Psychologist, Jill has completed her 110 Hour Meditation Teacher Qualification with the Biomedical Institute of Yoga & Meditation, specialising in Yoga Nidra.  

Registered Meditation Teacher Meditation Association of Australia Psychologist online course stress

What does the course involve? 

  • A four-week program, with one stage per week to build your skills
  • An easy 20-25 minute audio meditation for each stage, to listen to each week. Just plug your headphones in and have a lie down. 
  • A weekly video full of information about the background, science and technique of Deep Relaxation Meditation, the nervous system and trauma and burnout recovery
  • Online access, practice at home, or at work, whenever it works for you
  • Commence any time 
  • Able to access on your phone 
  • Designed as a staged, skills-building program to increase your ability to relax deeply and fully in your everyday life

Join the Wait-list

and I'll keep you in the loop about when enrolments will open again