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Happiness Habits is your hands on, twelve-week guide to building lasting emotional wellbeing. This evidence-based workbook equips you with science backed strategies, shown to elevate your mood, reduce stress, and increase resilience to life’s difficulties.

Inside you'll find:

  • Weekly action steps: accessible activities to cultivate habits like gratitude, mindfulness, sleep routines and connection with others.
  • Progress tracking: Monitor your mood shifts and celebrate your momentum with a weekly dedicated journaling section.
  • Down to earth guidance: Get straight to the actionable steps that are shown to make a real difference. 

With its clear instructions and straightforward advice, it's your systematic roadmap to a happier, more fulfilling life.

In Happiness Habits, Australian psychologist, educator and author Jill Hely has brought together evidence-based techniques for improving emotional wellbeing, with habit-strengthening strategies including weekly exercises, journaling and progress-tracking. 

The workbook is designed to help you to integrate changes into your daily life, and improve your health, your ability to relax, and your relationships with both yourself and  others. 

If you've been struggling to make the changes that you know would help you feel less stressed and depleted, and instead feel more energetic, connected and calm, this is the book to help you take action.  


Part One:  

Biological Strategies

 Strategies to improve sleep, increase nutrition, and to get you moving. 

Part Two: 

Psychological Strategies

 Ways to get you thinking more clearly, more compassionately and to become more easily aware of the good stuff in life.

Part Three:

Social & Environmental  Strategies

Ways of reconnecting with yourself and with others, and of amplifying the potential for joyful experiences.

About  Jill Hely:

Jill is a psychologist working from her busy private practice Flow Psychology Counselling & Wellbeing, which she opened with her business bestie in the midst of the pandemic. 

Jill has dedicated her career as a psychologist to finding the best ways she can to help people recover from chronic and post-traumatic stress, and has been privileged to support thousands of people in their recovery journey over the last decade. 

Based on Gumbaynggirr land in beautiful beachside Sawtell NSW, Jill loves nothing better than to spend time at the beach with her family and two dogs. She has three children, who are now fabulous young adults. 

Jill has learnt from personal experience the importance of a balanced approach to self-care in managing the risk of burnout. In her dreams, she is spending less time working and more time travelling the world. 

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